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Executive Search

Leadership selection is one of the most important strategic decisions in a company. Successful leadership selection has a significant effect on company’s competitiveness and productivity as well as on employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Our executive search service is an effective and high-quality method for recruiting leadership that suits in capable company’s business strategy and culture. Our industry knowledge covers especially retail, technology, industrial, health care, service and finance fields.

Our search service offers comprehensive search process and project management from defining the leadership profile until the on-boarding of the selected candidate. Our clients benefit from thorough market and industry screening, collaborative determination of optimal leadership profile, and our sparring. In order to find the best candidates, we use digital channels and our own networks versatilely. In addition to assessing candidates’ competence and experience backgrounds, our experienced consultants assess their motivation, leadership style and suitability in client’s business challenges and company culture. Our clients’ success is important to us and we want to introduce only the best and the most potential candidates.

To candidates our search service offers an excellent possibility to reflect their own career development, and get sparring in turning points and new challenges in their career. We systematically collect feedback and follow-up information on our searches from clients and candidates.


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Leadership Assessments and Management Audits

Leadership Assessment is an effective tool for strategic resourcing in change of leader and succession planning, in mergers and acquisitions, as well as in identifying development needs of an operative management. In high-quality manner executed leadership assessment offers credible and profound information on candidates’ individual leadership skills as well as strengths and areas of development.

In the assessment, candidate’s leadership experience and competences are examined, and especially the correspondence between candidate’s personal leadership potential and company’s business situation and criteria for the leadership position in question. Through versatile and credible methods, the assessment measures candidate’s capability in both strategic as well as in operative management challenges, and also people management skills in different business change situations. An ability to lead an organisation and oneself under pressure is one of the central areas of the assessment.

Leadership assessments can be utilised as a part of management audits, and in leadership development programs. Management audit offers an overall picture of the operative management’s strengths and development areas in leading the business and the organisation. Based on the audits, our experienced consultants propose recommendations and ideas for developing the leadership.